An Post Issues Ninth Definitive Series

On 12 January 2017, An Post introduced the ninth definitive series - A History of Ireland in 100 Objects, a selection.  As part of this venture, An Post will collaborate with the Royal Irish Academy

to redevelop the website and enrich it with new material sourced from the original app.  The first phase of the series will include different objects on eight SOAR (stamps on a roll),

and a range of philatelic material including colis, booklets and, of course, first day covers.  The objects featured on the SOAR stamps are a Mesolithic Fish Trap, a ceremonial Axehead, a Neolithic Bowl, a Gold Hoard, a Flint Macehead, Bronze Age Funerary Urns, the

Tara Torcs, and the Broighter Boat.  Further information is available at


Reference:  irish Stamps, The Collector, 01/17

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