Postal Orders

Postal Orders

Postal Orders are issued by the Irish Post Office in varying denominations and a small poundage fee is paid for this.

The following regulations are quoted from the 1982 Eolaí an Phoist, Post Office Guide.


The valuea Postal Order may be increased by affixing Postage stamps not exceeding two in number or a total9p in value in the caseall Orders from 10p tp £10 inclusive. No payment can, however, be made for stamps not affixed in the spaces provided, or for odd halfpence. Stamps cut outenvelopes, postcards and so on, or perforated with initials or marks cannot be used on Postal Orders.


Postal Orders are issued and paid at all Post Offices in Ireland (but are not payable at Post Offices in Britain) and in certain places abroad (for List see Volume II).


If an Order is not paid within three months from the last daythe monthissue, a commission equal to the original poundage will be charged, the new commission to be affixed in Postage Stamps to the backthe Order. Postal Orders not presented for payment within six months from the last daythe monthissue must be sent to the Accountant, DepartmentPosts and telegraphs, College House, Dublin 2, with a request for payment at some specified Office.


Postal orders do not, like Legal Tender Notes, represent value in themselves. If an Order is lost or stolen, the person into whose hands it may fall, though himself innocent, is not entitles to receive the amountthe Order. The rightful owner is alone entitled to cash the order.

In the 1982 Eolaí an Phoist Postal Orders were available in the following values:

10p,15p,20p, 30p, 35p, 40p, 45p, 50p, 55p, 60p, 75p, 70p, 75p, 80p, 85p, 90p, 95p • • 12p £1, £1.25, £1.50, £2, £4, £5, £6, £7, £8, £9, £10 • • 15p

A supplement was issued that put these price increases into effect from 1 April, 1982

£0.10 to £0.15 • • 12p £0.20 to £0.95 • • 15p £1 to £10 • • 18p

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The three Postal Orders shown above were all issued in 1969 and were cashed at a bank and not cashed at the Post Office as indicated by the black framed Royal BankIreland cachets. This was a usual waydealing with Postal Orders for companies that received them from customers.

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